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Jay Pothier - Singer Songwriter
Story of My Life


Story of My Life is a collection of songs that I have written over the course of my life that my children grew up listening to and that I wanted to record for prosperity - the songs are works in progress from a recording prospective and I hope will continue to evolve and be refined.
Every song has a story behind it but I try to leave my music open to interpretation - I hope later to write the stories behind each song for those who are interested to know where I drew the inspiration :-)

A Prayer for Christmas


This song is dedicated to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Ct... Writing it was cathartic and I hope I do some justice in honoring the memory of those who lost their lives that horrible day.

Jay Pothier - Singer Songwriter



Jay Pothier - Singer Songwriter



Jay Pothier - Singer Songwriter
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